A revolution in your head

By combining real world data with bespoke animation in VR, we can introduce people to new ideas, constructions, and ways of seeing.


The worlds we create are a blend of science and art, combining sophisticated and experimental technology with our long history of traditional animation.

The result is an immersive and physical experience rather than a computer simulation.

Landscapes & Tourism

We use UAVs and aerial imaging to capture data, and then create 3D models of existing landscapes and tourist destinations. Detailed animated features are then created that the people can discover and physically interact with.

Multiple viewpoints and embedded information allow the viewer to alter time, weather, and how they explore the world.


Using the HTC Vive, architects, engineers and clients can physically walk through a finished construction - while it’s still on the drawing board.

Participants will experience the actual space, light, flow, textures and views, plus we can add interactive features such as furniture, fittings, art, and even pets.

These fully immersive buildings and landscapes can be created from ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, and historic 2D plans.

Education, health and safety

‘Learning by doing’ in the virtual space allows a person to practice and develop skills safely and easily. From training staff in health and safety procedures, to emergency response situations, to phobia and anxiety issues, VR can assist and educate people quickly and make it stick.

Exhibition and entertainment

VR is the perfect media for delivering compelling messages, be they pure entertainment, educational, or environmental.

Controversial projects such as cycle-paths, motorways, or large constructions can be demonstrated to stakeholders to obtain feedback and help clarify both the benefits and potential impact.

How to start

We’re happy to provide guidance and suggestions at the earliest phase of your project.

From concept through design and animation to multi-platform publication, we can look after the whole process.

Who are we?

VersoVR is a diverse group of animators, artists, writers, technicians, and filmmakers. We use Skyhook NZ for all our aerial photography and mapping.

Andrew McGee

Andrew is a technological tour de force specialising in Maya, Unity and making buttons work.

Daniel Crayford

Daniel is a Creative Director and has written many of New Zealand’s most memorable advertising campaigns.

Paul Densem

Paul is an animator, designer, illustrator and director of numerous award-winning television commercials.

Simon Baumfield

Simon is an award-winning filmmaker with 25 years experience. He’s a UAV builder and pilot.

Jess Charlton

Jess is a cinematographer and gimbal operator specialising in camera stabilisation.

Contact Us

VersoVR has offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.


28 Shaddock St.
Eden Tce

Daniel Crayford

+64 21 671 801

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242 The Esplanade
Island Bay

Paul Densem

+64 22 348 9919

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